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Administrative Law 

The field of administrative law can be challenging to navigate. If you find yourself in a legal dispute with a regulatory or rule-making agency in Minnesota, your issue may be resolved issue in a Minnesota Administrative Law court. If you are in dispute with an agency such as a state licensing board, a zoning board, a labor commission, or a similar entity, working with an experienced administrative law attorney can help you successfully and effectively resolve your matter.


The dedicated attorneys at Robert R. Hopper & Associates, LLC, handle a wide array of administrative law cases, working hard to achieve favorable outcomes for our clients. Whether you need help addressing a licensing issue or navigating a permitting matter, our attorneys will listen carefully to your goals and implement a successful legal strategy to help you achieve these objectives. Our attorneys have an extensive background in Minnesota business and government sectors.  Our experience in these areas provides us with the necessary tools to help our clients obtain positive resolutions in administrative law matters and move forward with their lives.

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