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Consumer Law

Have you been denied credit due to uncured inaccuracies or false information on your credit report?  Has this inaccuracy caused you harm? 


The Fair Credit Reporting Act is a federal law that details how consumer credit information can be collected and used. Under the FCRA, consumers have a right to view the information in their credit file and to dispute inaccurate information.


Perhaps you found your dream home, applied for a mortgage, but were denied because of an erroneous information on your credit report, incorrectly interpreted by the CRA.  Or perhaps you found the perfect deal on a brand-new car, only to learn that your credit application was denied because your credit report erroneously states that your last car was repossessed.  And even worse, when you contact the CRA in order to dispute and correct the error, even with evidence to prove it is false, the lender and the CRA fail to perform a reasonable investigation regarding the true status of your account.  This is an all too common occurrence. 


When a CRA fails to investigate and to correct erroneous information on your credit report, and their incompetence causes you harm, you may have a legal cause of action under the FCRA for monetary damages.  In addition to compensatory damages, the FCRA permits an award of statutory and punitive damages for willful violations.  If this happens to you, call us!  We may be able to help.

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