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In accordance with the Freedom of Information Act, FOIA requests grant the public and media rights to access records held by government departments.  In Minnesota, data requests are governed by Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 13, for public data.  Depending on the type of information you seek, it can be challenging to navigate the process by which to request government data and to ultimately get the information that you request.  

Programming Console

We represent individuals corporations, non-profits, advocacy organizations and others when they face challenges in obtaining the information they need, including: 

  • Prosecuting and litigating all matters and issues related to data practices and privacy

  • Handling all administrative law related matters with government - local, state and federal

  • Handling data requests pursuant to FOIA - Freedom of Information Act

  • Handling data requests pursuant to the MGDPA - Minnesota Government Data Practices Act

  • Providing advice and counsel in data privacy and data practices

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