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Mediation/Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Mediators facilitate a solution to your problem to avoid costly litigation and going to court.  Mediators do not judge who is right or wrong in a dispute, nor do they provide legal advice; rather, they facilitate communication between parties that might otherwise have a difficult time exploring the problem themselves.  Minnesota courts highly encourage parties to a law suit to seek Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)/Mediation early in the litigation process, or even before ever filing a law suit. 

Through mediation:

  • Parties control the outcome of the dispute proceedings.

  • Mediators have no power to decide and a settlement is reached only with party approval.

  • Parties in mediation exchange information voluntarily that will assist in reaching a resolution.

  • Mediators help the parties define and understand the issues and each side’s interests.


Benefits of mediation

(According to the Minnesota Judicial Branch)

  • It can save you time.

  • It can save you money.

  • It can be less stressful.

  • It is confidential and private.

  • It gives you more control over the outcome of your case.

  • It can produce more lasting agreements.

  • It may preserve or improve relationships.

Why choose Robert R. Hopper? 

Robert R. Hopper is highly effective in resolving complex disputes, mediating multi-party cases, managing intense emotions, and guiding parties to help them navigate the intersection of logic and emotion while steering them towards a satisfying outcome.  In his 40+ years of experience in business and as an attorney, he has successfully negotiated several high stakes cases through settlement and a final resolution.


Mr. Hopper has been involved in some of the largest settlement negotiations in the country, most notably the national tobacco litigation, which resulted in the largest lawsuit settlement in U.S. history. See Mr. Hopper's education, experience and background here. 

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