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Neurosurgeon Medical Malpractice Defense

Surgeons in Operating Room

Our attorneys defend hospitals and neurosurgeons against allegations of medical negligence. Our firm has extensive knowledge and experience working with neurosurgeons and with brain injured clients.

At RRH&A, our mission is to protect and defend neurosurgeons when faced with a medical malpractice insurance claim and to work with their insurance companies who provide coverage. 

Of all medical specialists, neurosurgeons have the highest risk of facing a medical malpractice claim.  Currently, RRH&A is collaborating on a special law and neuroscience project involving liability prevention for neurosurgeons. This project is unique because it will offer neurosurgical residents specialized legal training to help them learn how to avoid omissions and errors and to become more knowledgable in the legal process if they face a claim once in practice. 

Our legal services are uniquely tailored to neurosurgeons and related medical professionals.  We provide aggressive and vigorous representation so clients can resolve their legal issues, protect their assets and focus on their important work as a neurosurgeon. 

A study from 2018 reviewed medical malpractice lawsuits for alleged errors made during neurosurgery (“Medical Malpractice in Neurosurgery: A Comprehensive Analysis,” World Neurosurgery, February 2018).

The study revealed the following statistics:


The median financial award in a lawsuit settlement was $1.3 million. 


For verdicts won by the plaintiffs in a neurosurgery medical malpractice lawsuit, the median award was $2.55 million.


When children were seriously injured, the  median financial award was $10.1 million.


The most commonly cited reasons for a lawsuit were: procedural error (45.5%), a failure to diagnose (41.4%), or a failure to treat (42.9%).


Neurosurgeons accounted for 21.1% of defendants.

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