RRH&A joins Madgett Law, PLLC, in prosecuting a class action case against MyLife.com

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

At a time when many Americans are worried about their future – perhaps looking for employment, a loan, or an apartment – MyLife.com posts negative information about them online, then offers users the opportunity to “control” their profiles - profiles that were created and published without the user’s authorization. For example, many of these false reports include teasers that claim the searched-for-person has criminal, arrest or court records, prompting the viewer to search the profiled person’s “Sex Offender Records,” which are either falsely reported or non-existent. Of course, MyLife.com requires anyone with a profile to pay a fee to fix any inaccuracies or falsehoods that MyLife.com publishes about them. This false publishing of personal information is reprehensible, damaging and costly.

RRH&A joins Madgett Law, PLLC, in fighting for justice for hard working Americans by initiating a class action suit against MyLife.com, alleging violation of state and federal consumer protection laws. Read more here:

MyLife.com Must Face Class Action Alleging It Falsely Implied Man Was a Sex Offender

Suit alleges firm soils reputations, then seeks money to improve them

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