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Robert R. Hopper & Associates, LLC's background is a unique balance of a variety of complementary experiences, giving our law firm a distinct advantage over other, more traditional firms.   Whether we are advocating for our clients in the court room, in arbitration or mediation, in the court of public opinion with the media, or in the political or public policy arenas — persuasive advocacy is always more effective when it is supported with strategic thinking. RRH&A works with our clients to develop a specific and customized strategy that will offer them a strong position to reach a successful outcome.


What distinguishes us from other firms?

RRH&A’s uncommon history and vantage point allow the firm to combine four areas of aptitude and experience: (1) litigation and negotiations, (2) government relations (politics), (3) business advising and counseling and (4) communications and media relations. Working from this perspective and level of expertise, RRH&A has an uncommon advantage over other firms in the representation of our clients.

This philosophy and practice is based on a view that most legal problems and dilemmas facing both individual and corporate clients often require a strategy that is collectively effective in both the courtroom and the court of public opinion, and at times in the political and public policy arenas. Strategic communication requires thoughtful, persuasive communication to advocate a client’s interest or to creatively tell their stories, whether litigation or negotiation, or dealing with the government or media.

Finally, RRH&A’s experience with high profile cases, and cases with both local and national media attention, gives our firm a unique perspective and distinct role, which enables us to determine the best possible strategy to deliver the results our clients need. Strategic communication is imperative to ensure a desired outcome or resolution. Integrating these skills defines the uniqueness of our practice and evinces the breadth and depth of RRH&A as a firm.

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